About DRM GP

Down Range Media GP is a consulting and media production firm for the Outdoor Media and Firearms industry,  specializing in content production both for the Internet and television and as a link between outdoor media and the firearms industry on topics like branded production and advertising.

Video Production

Post Production

Audio & Video Podcast Production

Live Media Productions

Research & Development ( R&D )

We also provide a web hosting service through our own dedicated server.

We are also the owner of www.cascity.com , a community for cowboy action shooting, the very first firearms and shooting sport community on the Internet.

In addition, we own Down Range Civilian Defense which provides firearms training and Kansas Concealed Carry Classes.

You can contact us at 620-249-2979. Our operation hours are Mon-Fri 9:00AM to 5:00 PM central time.

Marshal Halloway
Down Range Media GP
801 E Jefferson
Howard, KS 67349